Frequently Asked Question

Q. What Height will the shelf and rail be?                      A. For single hung wardrobes it is 1700mm. If it is Double Hung it is higher at                                                                                                                      2060mm  

Q How much weight does the shelving hold?              A. 60kg for every 900mm

Q. How durable is it?                                                           A. The board is melamine which is very easy to care for, it wipes down easy.                                                                                                                    Used correctly it has a long shelf life. Lol

Q. How wide is the melamine board?                              A. We install 400mm wide and it is 16mm deep. We can also install shelving at 300mm and 460mm for special orders.

Q. Can I use oval rail with your system?                           A. No unfortunately the Shelfair system is engineered to work together to give it the strength and durability.

Q. Is the clear bracket strong enough?                             A. Yes it is in the engineering that the plastic bracket once installed all the parts work together for the systems best results.

Q. Can I have another colour?                                            A. Yes you can but at a extra cost and it will take longer in the production                                                                                                                         time.

Q. What is the space size in the stacks?                          A. From top of the bottom shelf to the underside of the shelf above is                                                                                                                              415mm.

Q. Where can I see this product installed?                     A. McLachlans display house (The Bondi) Lighthouse Cct, Birtinya                                                                                                                                    Oceanside Q 4575

Q. Can I upgrade my shelving?                                         A. Yes ring or message Christina (see contact page) and you can have your                                                                                                                    wardrobe made specifically to needs, wants and budget.

Q. Is it only new homes you install in.                            A. No we can do a "makeover" of your current home to update your wardrobes                                                                                                               to current styles and trends.